Edwards AFB helps kick off the Month of the Military Child with special event

  • Published
  • By 412th Test Wing Public Affairs

Millions of military family storytime moments are missed because of military life challenges. These moments of bonding, connection and learning are crucial for military families. To honor the Month of the Military Child, Edwards AFB helped combat this challenge by hosting the United through Reading Mobile Story Station Spring Roadshow at the Base Exchange on Edwards AFB, April 1.

United Through Reading is a national nonprofit headquartered in San Diego, California with a unique mission specifically for military families, spouses and anyone else for the special children and their lives.

United Through Reading has been a part of connecting military families through reading since 1989. The program does this by providing military service members with the opportunity to record and save storytime moments for their families to enjoy, no matter the distance.

“What we do is video record service members and spouses and anyone else for the special kids in their lives,” Penny Samons-Letrud, United Through Reading Gulf Coast Coordinator said. “So, I would record you or I would record your spouse or even grandparents! We also distribute tens of thousands of free books to military kids all over the world. We are honored to do this for Edwards Air Force Base.”

Along with the Mobile Story Station, the Spring Roadshow included fun activities hosted by the Department of the Air Force School Liaison Program, the Edwards AFB Fire Department and the base commissary. Each attended to celebrate, support and encourage Edwards AFB military children and the unique struggles shared by serving families.

Although every group, organization and volunteer were present with a shared purpose, they each contributed differently and brought their own unique value to the event.

If you missed the Roadshow stop at Edwards, you can download the app and have a similar experience from the comfort of your home.