AFMC Command News

  • DAF ACT contracting executes N95 mask production for DoD

    The Department of the Air Force’s Acquisition COVID-19 Task Force (DAF-ACT) executed a $126 million contract on May 1 for expanded production of N95 masks—26 million per month—starting in October. The contract, awarded to 3M, will increase the supply chain of N95 masks and resupply the Strategic

  • Donated masks distributed to Team Hill

    Around 4,000 cloth masks were handed out to Team Hill personnel April 28, 2020, at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. The masks were donated from nearby communities and also from the 531st Armament Textile Shop to keep military and civilian Airmen safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Children at Hill's Youth Center give back by crafting face masks

    For the health and safety of those around us, face coverings have become a hot commodity. However, supply and demand makes has made them a little hard to come by lately. That’s why some children at the center have taken on the task of creating masks for themselves and for care givers at Hill AFB’s