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DAF announces Spark Tank 2024 finalists

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  • Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force, Management

The Department of the Air Force announced the six Spark Tank 2024 finalists Dec. 14 following the announcement of the 15 semifinalists Dec. 5.

The Spark Tank team presented the top 15 ideas identified through pairwise voting and subject matter expert evaluations from this year’s pool of submissions. DAF senior leaders convened to review and discuss the merits of each idea, reaching consensus to identify Spark Tank 2024’s six finalists.

Out of 138 submissions from across the U.S. Space Force and U.S. Air Force, the following were selected for the semifinals round:
Air Traffic Control Situational Awareness Mobile Network – a man portable combination system that provides a RADAR-like capability in austere environments

CLEAR skies, safe eyes: Protecting aircrews from laser strikes – technology to triangulate locations of ground-based laser attacks directed at aircrews

COMMERCIAL CHECK - Pioneering the Path to Eradicate Acquisition Delays – harnessing automated intelligence and machine learning to securely expedite acquisitions

Enterprise Digital Credentialing Service – a user-centric integration of credentials from both DAF and external systems to provide a wholistic view of Airmen’s knowledge, skills, and abilities

Increasing USAF Air Dominance Lethality and Survivability through M&S – an application for advanced framework for simulation, integration and modeling for rapid tactics evaluation tool

Project Spectrum Shield – a network of connected devices that detect and locate intrusion by unauthorized devices collecting against air bases and sensitive operating locations

Revolutionize the PCS Process–Bring Transportation of HHG from 1975 to 2023 – an application that fully automates household goods shipping management

Secure Agile Communications System – a self-contained fly-away kit that establishes secure communication channels for forward operating bases

Unmanned Flight Interface – a unified dashboard that provides a reliable, seamless integration of all software tools utilized by unmanned vehicle pilots

The following were selected as the finalists from the top 15:
Autonomous Vehicles for Flightline Resupply* – automated delivery vehicles to provide supplies to maintenance crews working on aircraft on the flightline

CyberAssess – like TurboTax for your Authority to Operate* – an application that simplifies the steps and automates the paperwork required to introduce new technology into the Air Force information architecture

F-16 Collapsible Cockpit ACE Ladder* – a collapsible ladder that can be carried inside the cockpit thus removing the need to preposition bulky legacy ladders

Flyways Defender for Airspace Awareness and Defense* – an artificial intelligence-enabled to provide air defense situational awareness and aid decision making

Load Plan+* – an interactive load plan application that allows medevac crews to label patients, select equipment needed for the mission, and optimize placement within the aircraft

Project Lavoy (formerly Project Lifesaver)* – advanced technology for contingency blood transfusions

The six finalist teams will travel to Arlington, Virginia, in January 2024 to refine their pitches and stage presence in preparation for their presentation to the secretary of the Air Force, chief of Space Operations, chief of staff of the Air Force, chief master sergeant of the Space Force, and chief master sergeant of the Air Force next year at a yet-to-be-announced location.

Spark Tank is DAF’s flagship competition in which innovators from across the department pitch their ideas to a panel of top leadership and industry experts in pursuit of sponsorship to realize their idea.