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AFMC Connect July focus: Warfighter Culture

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Maintaining a warfighter mindset and culture is critical to the success of the Air Force Materiel Command mission, whether one is supporting as a uniformed or nonuniformed Airman.

The AFMC Connect focus for July is warfighter culture, with the goal to enhance focus across the organization on the critical missions our Airmen perform daily to power the Air Force.

AFMC’s unique missions in development, test and sustainment of the Air Force’s advanced technologies and equipment are vital in ensuring lethality and readiness for the total force. Increasing the understanding of warfighter culture across the workforce strengthens mental adaptability and builds trust, confidence, unit cohesion and productivity.

There are many things leaders can do to help build and enhance warfighter culture and mindset across the workforce. These include:

  • Viewing historical movies and footage, such as the AFMC History and Heritage Video, and discussing how warfighter culture is portrayed in the piece.
  • Visiting a historical site or museum and discussing the role and impact of culture on missions of the time.
  • Bringing in a guest speaker or veteran to talk about their warfighter experiences.
  • Hosting an open discussion on warfighter culture and how to grow the warfighter mindset in the workplace.

The AFMC Connect facilitator document on warfighter culture can be viewed at

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