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AFIMSC celebrates 8 years of global I&MS support

  • Published
  • By Breanne Humphreys & Emily Mifsud
  • AFIMSC Public Affairs

According to tradition, bronze is the go-to gift for celebrating an eighth anniversary; bronze combines copper, tin and other metals to create a stronger, more resilient material.

Eight years ago, on April 6, 2015, the Air Force activated the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center, one of six specialized centers assigned to Air Force Materiel Command. With a mission to deliver globally integrated installation and mission support, AFIMSC combined the strengths, skills and expertise of six field operating agencies, major command, and headquarters Air Force I&MS functions under one roof. This created a stronger, more resilient support model to accelerate change and revolutionize combat power and installation support for the Department of the Air Force.

Today, AFIMSC executes an annual budget of more than $10 billion to deliver globally integrated I&MS services across 150 capabilities and nine major mission areas: Airmen and Family Services, Base Communications, Chaplain Programs, Civil Engineering, Financial Management, Logistics Readiness, Operational Acquisition, Public Affairs and Security Forces.  

As AFIMSC celebrates its eighth anniversary, here are eight significant contributions the AFIMSC team has made to accelerate change and deliver the next generation of capabilities the Air Force needs to fly, fight and win: 

  1. Infrastructure modernization, disaster recovery and new mission beddown 
    AFIMSC provides full-spectrum installation support services to help the Department of the Air Force modernize infrastructure, recover from catastrophic natural disasters and beddown new weapon systems like the KC-46A, B-21, T-7A and MH-139A.

  1. Prioritize Airmen readiness 
    From fully equipped, multi-functional training sites, to helping installation leaders integrate Air Base command and control, AFIMSC provides the resources, expertise and support I&MS Airmen need to maintain effective power projection platforms.
  1. Data analytics and IHA 
    AFIMSC’s Analytics Team is helping Air Force leaders prioritize their most critical mission support areas and determine funding requirements. The Installation Health Assessment tool uses Air Force-wide civil engineering data to provide holistic site pictures and assess performance in many areas to effectively manage installations.

  1. Initiatives to modernize Total Force Defenders 
    The Air Force Security Forces Center equips more than 38,000 security forces members across the Total Force delivering the latest, technically advanced personal gear and equipment to security forces around the world. Some include high-speed ballistic helmets, female body armor and modular scalable vests to give Defenders every advantage over their adversaries.
  1. Improved housing for Airmen, Guardians and their families 
    The Air Force Civil Engineer Center launched a housing improvement initiative to address the challenges of privatized military housing programs by implementing critical process changes including standardizing the work order system, enacting a Tenant Bill of Rights and hiring resident advocates to address concerns with Air Force leadership.

  1. DAF $3 billion cost savings 
    The Air Force Installation Contracting Center developed a SharePoint-based data tool that tracks budgetary savings and cost avoidance. In 2022, the CST achieved a major milestone, netting the Air Force $3 billion in cost savings from thousands of acquisitions tracked in the tool.
  1. Innovative solutions to I&MS challenges 
    From hosting major events like Innovation Rodeo and I-WEPTAC, to partnering with industry and the Small Business Administration, AFIMSC helps decision makers at headquarters and the bases build partnerships with industry and Airmen/Guardian innovators, navigate the innovation ecosystem and provide funding and program support.

  1. Food Service Transformation 
    The Air Force Services Center is providing healthy and nutritious food options to ensure a more ready force with programs like Go4Green, Air Force Smart Fueling Initiative and Food 2.0 to enhance the wellbeing of service members and their families.