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AFMC Connect April focus: Present

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  • Air Force Materiel Command

Life is complicated, and the stresses of family, children, finances, medical needs and more can make it difficult to slow down and be fully present, especially in the workplace.

The AFMC Connect focus for April is on the concept of being present, both in the workplace and for all aspects of life.

Being present extends to more than existing in the physical vicinity of another; it requires focused attention on the person or task at hand, with full engagement in the here and now. To be present, one must engage in active listening, non-verbal communication, and engagement. It shows others true care and creates opportunities to further greater connections.

To be more present, one might:

  • Actively set aside distractions and focus on engaging with someone.
  • Accept situations as they are, and work within the parameters.
  • Slow down, and take one thing at a time.
  • Prioritize people over tasks.
  • Find moments for gratitude.

A facilitation guide for leadership discussions on being present is available at

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