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AFMC Connect March focus: Connection

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  • Air Force Materiel Command

Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company and a key figure in the American industrial age sums up the concept of connection succinctly in one quote, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

The AFMC Connect topic focus for March is connection. Developing relationships and building cohesive teams in the workplace are key to the success of an organization. A team that forms strong bonds is better able to collaborate, share knowledge and progress to achieve organizational goals.

Leaders play a big role in developing connection among employees and teams. Finding ways to help individuals to relate to each other or a concept, project, or mission, can lead to greater organizational outcomes.

To facilitate connection in the workplace, leaders can:

  • Facilitate team-building events and opportunities.
  • Encourage collaboration and sharing.
  • Foster a safe environment for team interactions.
  • Create time for conversation and interaction among members of a team.

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