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AFMC Connect September Focus: Commitment

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  • Air Force Materiel Command

Dedication, loyalty, responsibility—each of these attributes are a key component of commitment, the AFMC Connect topic of focus for September.

Commitment is a pledge or promise to be involved in something, or dedicated to a course of action. It impacts all aspects of an individual’s personal and professional life, and it plays a key role in one’s sense of purpose. Commitment is strongly correlated with care and the capacity to look out for oneself and those around them.

To focus discussions on commitment as it pertains to the workplace and the Air Force Materiel Command family, leaders can focus discussions on:

--Individual roles in the Ask, Care, Escort models in mental health

--Command helping agencies and their offerings

--How individuals can demonstrate commitment to the work team through caring activities

Additional information on commitment can be found in the AFMC Connect guide for September at

General information on the AFMC Connect program is available at