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AFMC Command News

AFMC leverages AFIT toolset in training digital experts

  • Published
  • By Estella Holmes, Air Force Materiel Command

The Air Force Materiel Command continues to employ all available means to transform today’s warriors into tomorrow’s digital experts.

Training equips U.S. Air Force teams to engage as peers with industry partners.

“Command experts must be prepared to utilize and interface with the digital tools and system models which are being used more frequently by the acquisition community,” said Steve Tormey, Systems Engineering Technical Expert, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center.

Training command engineers in the use of Model Based Systems Engineering and SysML, a systems modeling language, helps warrior-support teams more efficiently digitally design, sustain and modernize platforms.

“Model Based Systems Engineering supports the Digital Campaign, and training arms members to achieve that vision,” said Tormey.

MBSE is the formalized application of models at different levels of product development.

An existing contract leveraged through the Air Force Institute of Technology is focused on training approximately 3,400 members of the AFMC workforce.

The Model-Based Systems Engineering: Theory-to-Practice Model Creator course instructs attendees on use of the Cameo software tool for MBSE and how to create models within that software suite. Cameo is a type of software tool for use in MBSE.

Getting engineers and other members of the workforce trained on model-based tools with access to licenses enables the U.S. Air Force to drive the Digital Campaign forward.

“The campaign to arm members with the digital training they need is not new, but the stakes have become “Accelerate Change or Lose” high and support CSAF C.Q. Brown’s vision,” said Tormey. “MBSE training is one of the keys to fulfilling that vision.”

The Theory-to-Practice Model Creator course prepares attendees to interpret the systems modeling language spoken in MBSE. All stakeholders involved are better positioned for greater project interaction success, according to Tormey.

Tormey went on to point out that personnel are actively using the model-based products contractors have delivered as part of program execution.

The four-day virtual or in-person course sessions began at the beginning of the current fiscal year, and training opportunities will cease at the end of the fiscal year. A new course begins every four days and is open to all AFMC personnel.

In the past, COVID restrictions made it necessary to resort to all virtual classes. However, a more relaxed environmental stance now means both in-person and virtual classes are available. Virtual classes can be accessed at any time or place licenses for the course are available.

“This is training-induced movement which will enable the AFMC workforce to make the AFMC digital transformation a reality,” said Tormey.

The training is offered through AcqNow and can be accessed by logging into AcqNow at: Under My Career, click Search for CL Events. Click the blue Search Catalogs button on the top right. From the Select Catalog drop down menu, select AFIT/ENV and then click the blue Search link on the right hand side. Under Offerings to the left, select “View Scheduled Offerings” see all available offerings and select the offering that meets your needs.