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‘Bear Tamers’ activate workload, ensure power for forward forces

  • Published
  • By R. Nial Bradshaw, 75th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

The 526th Electronics Maintenance Squadron’s ground power flight, or “Bear Tamers,” recently activated a new workload here after verification and validation testing on its first overhauled Base Expeditionary Airfield Resources (BEAR) Power Unit (BPU).

The BPU is used to power U.S. Air Force forward operating bases and establishment of the maintenance workload will ensure serviceable power units for deployed forces.

Before onboarding the new motorhome-sized generator workload, an extensive acceptance and stand-up process involving work space and test area development by the unit was recently completed.

“This is a milestone for us and the Ogden Air Logistics Complex,” said Tim Randolph, 526th EMXS director. “We definitely wanted this workload here and to take care of our own to the extent that we can by supporting the warfighters.”

Engineers and technicians from the technical repair center for generators also developed the process orders used to test the repaired power unit.

“We ran the standards tests, which included the parallel test and a standalone test,” said John Knight, 526th EMXS production supervisor. “The final test verified that we did what we said did and that the generator worked as required under different loads and conditions.”

Technicians can return a BPU back to serviceable condition in 30 working days by removing and replacing the engine, fan motor bearings and generator diodes.

The unit acquired new test stands, fixtures, diagnostic equipment and software in order to work on the BEAR power units. The equipment allows the unit to test individual BPU components prior to final assembly and testing.

“The ability to test like this ensures that the generator is ready to go when it arrives in theater for use. We have the only facility that can test some of these large components,” said Joseph Stephens, 526th EMXS Ground Power Flight chief.

Thicker concrete flooring, a large-capacity crane and an awning with a ventilation system were some of the work area modifications the unit made to accommodate the workload on the 40,000-pound, trailer-mounted power units.

BPUs will come to Hill for overhaul after 24,000 operating hours for maintenance.

The 526th EMXS is part of the 309th Electronics Maintenance Group, which repairs, overhauls and modifies electronics, avionics, radar, laser guidance systems, instrumentation, photonics, electrical systems and components, and ground power, oil and air-cooled generators, and munitions loaders and trailers.

It provides programmed depot maintenance and modification of aircraft weapons systems and provides worldwide re-supply for component parts.