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RPA Roadshow encourages automation with robot software

  • Published
  • By Todd Cromar, 75th ABW/PA

The Air Force has adopted a Robotics Process Automation (RPA) software produced by UiPath, which is intended for use by Airman and Guardians to increase workflow efficiency by automating repetitive tasks.

Implementation of the software by the Air Force RPA Center of Excellence and UiPath software team is currently being accomplished with roadshow events hosted by individual bases and commands throughout the Air Force.

“We all have work that includes mundane and repetitive tasks, which kills our productivity while pulling away from the mission,” said Matthew Roberts, program manager for the Air Force Robotics Process Automation Center of Excellence. “So, we are teaching and training individuals how to build robot digital assistants, to accomplish that portion of their work for them.”

Recently, a roadshow training seminar was locally organized by Tech. Sgt. Robert Santamaria, flight chief in the 75th Comptrollers Squadron, and held April 13-14 at Weber Basin Water Conservation District.

“When I found out about the RPA roadshows, I thought Hill AFB needs this because we have a lot of computer-based workers that could use these kinds of automations,” said Santamaria. “Hopefully this will kick start RPA awareness here and help fuel further steps forward, maybe with the establishment of our own local center of excellence.”

The software tool can be easily learned by anyone, requiring no programmer or coder background, and can be applied to almost any occupation or field of industry.

The roadshow seminar consisted of a day and half of training, followed by a couple hours of trainee self-built automation demonstrations.

At the conclusion of the seminar, Roberts said, “I doubt anyone attending this class has ever played with RPA before, and yet 80% of our 30 participants are building almost fully functioning automations.”

“The real intent of this roadshow is to have trained individuals leave here with the software and license in order to keep building automations,” said Roberts. “All we ask in return is that these trainees keep us aware of their unique automation builds, so we can then share them or pass along to others in similar work fields.”

The RPA technology software is readily available on AFNET, for any official user to download and install from their respective software center. The software program that sits on your desktop, licenses are valid for a year, and then must be renewed

“We are currently at 2,000 users with a finite number of licenses issued out, but would like grow that number to 10,000 users by this time next year,” said Roberts. “The more time and energy not spent on these repetitive tasks, translates into more time that people can spend on mission critical analysis and accomplishment.”