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AFMC Connect February focus: Sharing

  • Published
  • By Estella Holmes, Air Force Materiel Command

Sharing with teammates in the work environment often results in strong, binding relationships. Opportunities to strengthen these relationships and build trust increases both job and personal connections.

The AFMC Connect February focus is sharing.

A shared purpose encourages personnel to depend on one another. The abundance of experience and knowledge employees possess is an important resource to the team. Sharing this knowledge allows the team to operate more effectively and contributes to the success of the organization's mission.

Leaders can create an environment that encourages collaboration by asking deliberate questions that provide openings to share. Facilitate in person or virtual discussions on ways to create a collaborative environment by asking:

1. What does sharing mean to each member?

2. How can collaboration be encouraged to better support the mission?

3. How does it feel to have expressed ideas utilized by the team?

Leaders can create an environment where collaborative sharing is supportive of the team and the mission.

The AFMC Connect Implementation Guide is available as a resource. In addition, information on leading discussions on sharing can be found on the AFMC website.