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AFRL Sensors Directorate officer selected for education program

  • Published
  • By Zach Tateman
  • AFRL Sensors Directorate

WRIGHT PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio‚Äč – Capt. Joseph Ellis, an Air Force Research Laboratory Sensors Directorate executive officer, was selected for the 2021 Developing the Airmen We Need-Education (DAWN-ED) Program.

This program sponsors 15 Air Force and Space Force officers to earn advanced degrees from their university of choice to help meet the future technological needs of the U.S. military.

“The importance of this program is being able to develop officers with a technical aptitude in the areas of greatest need for the military,” said Ellis. “The flexibility of the program to attend any university allows officers to choose the institution best suited to gain this knowledge.”

Ellis’ background is in science and engineering and he was chosen based on his proposal to study electromagnetics.

“I think I was selected because the Air Force sees value in this area and the need to maintain electromagnetic spectrum dominance in order to win wars of the future,” said Ellis.

Ellis’ proposed plan of study, along with his scientific merit, allowed him to earn this achievement.

“Capt. Ellis is a brilliant research scientist,” said Dr. Philip Hanna, the Multispectral Sensing and Detection Division Deputy Chief. “His natural sense of curiosity and desire for problem solving pushed him ahead of the pack.” 

Allowing officers like Ellis to further their education and receive advanced degrees in their field has a direct and immediate impact to the warfighter. Through advanced education, AFRL researchers provide the warfighter with cutting-edge technology to meet their mission needs.

“A few advisors I have reached out to actually have AFRL/DOD funded projects,” said Ellis. “Working on one of these projects would provide direct, near-term benefits. Also, the connections I make hopefully can lead to future collaborations and partnerships.”

The DAWN-ED program is a full-time assignment for the officers who were selected. This program will begin fall of 2021.