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Optimize aviation fuel? The Air Force wants your ideas

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  • Air Force Operational Energy


In partnership with AFWERX, Air Force Operational Energy has launched an Airmen Powered by Innovation Challenge to solicit ideas on how to optimize aviation fuel for the Air Force, enabling greater combat capability, range, and more efficient operations. The challenge is open to Airmen of all ranks and occupations and is accepting submissions on a rolling basis. Each submission will be carefully reviewed by subject matter experts to determine possibility of Air Force buy-in and implementation, based on associated costs, benefits, challenges, and potential risks. If selected, Air Force Operational Energy will work with AFWERX to source funding and develop an execution plan. Airmen are also encouraged to vote for their favorite submission through the online portal.

Submissions can focus on a number of areas to optimize aviation fuel use including (but not limited to):

  • Energy and logistics risk mitigation
  • Drag reduction devices on aircraft
  • Lighter weight aircraft parts
  • Streamlined flight plans during training
  • 21st century technologies and software
  • Engine sustainment processes
  • Optimized fuel loads
  • Efficient flight formations
  • Airmen education and training