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Edwards AFB blood donors receive Red Cross thanks

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  • By 412th Test Wing Public Affairs
  • 412th Test Wing

The American Red Cross sent a special Certificate of Recognition to Edwards Air Force Base for being an extraordinary Blood Program Partner during the COVID-19 pandemic, May 12.

Edwards AFB blood donors have contributed 267 pints of blood since the beginning of 2020, potentially saving as many as 800 lives, according to an electronic memo from the Red Cross.

“Two drives have been successfully conducted since the new social distancing guidelines have been put in place netting 119 donations and potentially saving 357 lives,” said Donald Burks, 912th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. “During a time where several agencies have cancelled blood drives – Edwards AFB has stood the course, adapted, and has made a huge difference for not only the local and neighboring community, but the entire country.”

Blood drawn from Edwards AFB donors is used locally first and foremost. However, if needed elsewhere, it will travel to where the need is greatest.

During the last blood drive on May 6, about 62 units were collected. “That's the 2nd best blood drive for the past year and as many as 186 patients' lives were sustained or saved,” said Burks.

The next blood drive on Edwards AFB is slated for June 3.