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Ogden ALC units earn L-A-M-P award for safety, efficiency

  • Published
  • By Alex R. Lloyd, Ogden Air Logistics Complex

Since the establishment of the Ogden Air Logistics Complex Logistics Airmen Mastering Possibilities (L-A-M-P) award in May 2019, it has been awarded monthly to the Ogden ALC’s units and teams that have gone above and beyond in making the complex a more efficient and better place to work.

Recognized for October and November were the 309th Maintenance Support Squadron here at Hill Air Force Base and the 309th Support Squadron’s Egress/Air Flight Equipment/Weapons team with the 309th Aerospace and Regeneration Group at Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona.

The 309th Maintenance Support Squadron manages sustainment of support equipment, depot industrial plant equipment, and non-real property facility maintenance across the complex.

This year, the 309th MXSS has aggressively led the Ogden ALC to a safer work environment by focusing their culture around safety submitting 19 yellow flag inputs, the most by any complex unit, identifying safety concerns that affect everyone within the complex.

Additionally, the team is at 60% Voluntary Protection Program passport completion across the squadron, surpassing its group’s goal of 10%, and is well on its way to exceeding its yearly goal of 80%.

Due to its efforts and the squadron’s hard work as a safety-conscious organization, it has not experienced a safety incident or injury in more than 9 months and was awarded the Logistics L-A-M-P for the month of October by Brig. Gen. Constance Jenkins, mobilization assistant to the commander for Ogden ALC.

In November, the trophy headed south to the 309th Support Squadron’s Egress/Air Flight Equipment/Weapons Team at the 309th AMARG in Arizona.

The team is responsible for removing all explosive devices, gun systems and life support items such as chutes and survival kit components, as well as performing all explosive related maintenance on Department of Defense aircraft processing in and out of group.

Over the last two months, aircraft being inducted into storage at 309th AMARG had assets removed by team members who inspected them as serviceable assets resulting in a net savings to the DOD of more than $500,000. Also, during a recent safety assessment inspection, zero defects of munitions control and safety procedures were found.

With a diverse workload, training employees on a variety of aircraft safely and efficiently was key to the section’s success. When the squadron received an AV-8 Harrier for induction, there were a limited number of qualified personnel, which made keeping up with the workload challenging.

As a result, the squadron worked to train the unqualified personnel, reducing the unit’s training deficit by 75% and cutting aircraft processing time by more than 50%.

In addition, a recent uptick in maintenance to support the QF-16 Falcon drone program meant more aircraft were in-work. The section adjusted quickly to separate QF-16 workloads, creating current and new work projects that were maintained to uphold a $34.4 million Boeing contract requirement.

The L-A-M-P was awarded to both organizations in recognition of their hard work and dedication to accomplishing the mission.