Air Force Featured Stories

  • How engaging an Airman made a difference

    One afternoon, I came home from work to find my wife and two kids gone. Now, when there's no note saying, "I went out shopping, or I'm with a friend," and I have the only car, I knew exactly what happened.

  • Military parenting website assists communication

    Service members who deploy or are otherwise separated from their families due to mission needs now have an online resource allowing them to hone their parenting skills as they reconnect with their children.

  • Air Force Aid Society provides services during government shutdown

    Due to the government shut down we are being told many Airman & Family Readiness Centers to include their Air Force Aid sections will be closed. We have compiled a list of FAQs to help you understand what we can do and how you can request assistance if needed.

  • Continuing family support through government shutdown

    The government shutdown is affecting quality of life, family support, and child and youth programs that service members and families value. The purpose of this blog post is to provide guidance as to what to expect regarding the operating status of these programs while the government is shut down.

  • Forum focuses on family

    In remarks and an interactive session during the Air Force Association’s Spouse and Family Forum here today, spouses of Air Force senior leaders championed the service’s focus on families and support.

  • Time is money at co-op childcare

    For stay-at-home parents, there are no such things as coffee breaks, overtime pay or weekends and holidays off. For them, the duty day never really ends. Safe and reliable childcare becomes a precious commodity for stay-at-home parents who seek the freedom to complete ordinary tasks such as grocery