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Final ruling on Laughlin pilot misconduct released

  • Published
  • By Air Education and Training Command Public Affairs
A recent inquiry, directed by the Air Force chief of staff, into the investigation and disposition of alleged instructor pilot misconduct at Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, has concluded.

Based on the inspector general inquiry and general officer review, it was determined the investigations and subsequent administrative actions taken by Air Force leadership with regard to the pilots were both within their scope of authority and followed due process of law.

The inquiry and review included allegations of improper drug use, unprofessional relationships, obstruction of justice, and conduct unbecoming an officer.

Upon further review of the facts and circumstances, the Air Education and Training Command commander determined the alleged misconduct regarding improper drug use was not sufficiently substantiated by the evidence and he has both directed and recommended corrective actions be taken regarding those allegations. The three pilots whose aeronautical orders were permanently revoked have been reinstated.

Nevertheless, the AETC commander believed the evidence was sufficient to prove misconduct involving unprofessional relationships, obstruction of justice, and conduct unbecoming an officer.

“It is critical that we maintain standards of professional behavior in a training environment,” said Lt. Gen. Darryl Roberson, the AETC commander. “Notwithstanding the determinations regarding drug use, the reviews made clear that acceptable standards of conduct were not always maintained. We demand all Airmen serve with integrity and professionalism and hold Airmen whose actions fall short of Air Force standards fully accountable.”