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America's Asymmetric Advantage

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From airpower’s earliest days, Airmen working together have exploited technology to provide essential knowledge and information on when and where to act, to move people and materials when and where needed, to control the ultimate high ground, and to strike where and when desired. In building the Air Force’s culture of “over, not through,” we now have an incomparable ability to act either independently or in full collaboration with our joint, interagency, and coalition partners to protect and defend our Nation and its interests. The increased use of airpower as the lead American force element is a probability for which Airmen must be fully prepared and ready to execute.

The Air Force’s core missions will continue to serve America’s long-term security interests by giving our Nation and its leadership unmatched options to confront the challenges of an unpredictable future. The heavy demands placed on the military to defend the Nation’s interests during the last twenty years have dramatically increased the level of adaptability, creativity, and coordination between and among our sister Services, interagency partners, allies, and friends. Through it all, Air Force airpower has repeatedly been used to deter conflict, control escalation, and, when so tasked by the Nation’s leadership, destroy an adversary’s military capability. However, investments in Air Force capabilities and readiness are essential if the Nation is to maintain an agile, flexible, and ready force. To be effective, this force must be deliberately planned for and appropriately and consistently funded. Our highly sophisticated and capable Air Force cannot be reconstituted overnight if it is allowed to atrophy. A smaller, highly capable Air Force is clearly preferable to a larger one of lesser quality.


America’s Air Force gives our Nation immensely powerful options to advance its long-term interests and protect our way of life. Today’s Air Force is an indispensable hedge against the challenges of an uncertain and dangerous future. Every Airman, and every citizen, should take pride in the fact that the United States Air Force will always provide Global Vigilance, Global Reach, and Global Power for America.




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