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MacDill AFB named preferred location for next KC-46A Pegasus

  • Published
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The Department of the Air Force selected MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, as the preferred location to host the next active duty KC-46A Pegasus aircraft, Dec. 21.

The decision was made after conducting site surveys that assessed locations based on factors related to mission, infrastructure capacity, community support, environmental considerations and cost.

Twenty-four KC-46As will replace active duty KC-135 Stratotankers at MacDill AFB.

The new tankers will bring many enhanced capabilities, such as boom and drogue refueling on the same sortie, worldwide navigations and communication, cargo capacity on the entire main deck floor, receiver air refueling, improved force protection, and multi-point air refueling capability.

A final basing decision will be made after an environmental impact analysis, which is expected to take place in fall 2023. Fairchild AFB, Washington, is considered a reasonable alternative and will also undergo an environmental impact analysis.