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SAF/IE releases Installation Energy Strategic Plan for energy assurance

  • Published
  • By Melissa Tiedeman
  • Air Force Energy

The assistant secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Environment, and Energy announced the release of the Installation Energy Strategic Plan. The Plan, which replaces the 2017 Air Force Energy Flight Plan, seeks to better align installation energy efforts with mission needs.

“This plan captures major shifts in the department’s approach to installation energy,” said Mark Correll, deputy assistant secretary of the Air Force for Environment, Safety, and Infrastructure. “By placing a greater focus on resilience and mission, the strategic plan will create an enterprise that is ultimately more prepared to deliver energy and water when and where it is needed to protect the nation, its values, and its interests.”

The Department of the Air Force is facing an increasingly interconnected world. One with growing threats and unprecedented changes to the operating environment. This plan identifies three goals aimed to enhance mission assurance through energy assurance: Identify Enabling System Vulnerabilities, Improve Resilience Planning, and Ensure Resilience Results.

“When disaster strikes, those who have planned and incorporated end-to-end resilience into their missions will be best positioned for the fight,” Correll said.

To view the complete strategic plan, visit Installation Energy Strategic Plan.