Newcomers - Firearms

Weapon Registration, Storage and Transport
12 Laboratory Road
(661) 277-3526 or DSN 527-3526 

All base residents who maintain firearms or unusually dangerous weapons must register them with the 95th Security Forces Squadron by completing an Air Force Form 1314 in three copies with their unit commander's signature. The form must also include the member's address, home phone number and work phone number. Personnel possessing firearms must comply with all federal, state and local laws, ordinances and military regulations on registering, storing, bearing, possessing and using firearms.

All firearms and unusually dangerous weapons owned by or in the custody of personnel who reside in the dormitories or in Desert Villa temporary lodging facilities, while on temporary duty or in the process of a permanent change of station, must be registered and stored at the 95th SFS armory immediately upon arrival to the base. Family housing residents may maintain firearms and unusually dangerous weapons in their homes with their commander's approval. Housing residents storing reloading components or ammunition in their homes must notify the installation fire department at (661) 277-3124 or DSN 527-3124.

Ammunition must be stored and locked separately from any weapon. Transporting privately owned firearms on base is prohibited except to and from authorized storage and shooting areas, namely the Rod and Gun Activity and the 95th SFS Combat Arms Range. When transporting firearms, they must be cleared, with the safety on and unconcealed with the breech open and must be in the trunk or other secured compartment closest to the rear of the vehicle. Transporting firearms on bicycles, motorcycles or any other two or three-wheeled vehicle is prohibited.

The following is a list of unusually dangerous weapons beyond firearms that must be registered on base; swords, knives, daggers with a blade longer than 12 inches (this excludes dulled swords used for plaques, shadow boxes, or ornamentation. If the blade is sharpened, it must be registered), edged martial arts equipment (such as stars, throwing darts), archery equipment (including bows, crossbows and arrows).