412th Medical Group - Newcomers Information

The 412th Medical Group is a family health clinic/medical home platform composed of a group of physicians that provides comprehensive healthcare to our beneficiary population. The group practice of medicine evolved naturally as physicians, medical professionals and administrators working together to solve practical problems. Current services offered are primary, special and preventive care to include: family practice, pediatrics, aerospace medicine, 24/7 paramedic ambulance service, pharmacy, physical therapy, dental, family advocacy/ life skills programs, force health management, bio-environmental, allergy and immunizations, laboratory services, drug demand program, health and wellness services, occupational medicine, optometry, physiological support and radiology/diagnostic imaging. In addition, the Military Treatment Facility is currently pursuing Military Health System Support Initiative (MHSSI) program for Physical Therapy which gives MTFs access to private sector health care funds to implement projects within the MTF. This initiative would provide needed equipment, supplies and/or providers to treat patients that would otherwise be referred out to the network for care.

Prevention programs focus on women's health, public health, substance abuse and a variety of services/topics offered through programming at the 412th Medical Group and the Health and Wellness Center. The clinic provides medical support to the Air Force Test Center, 412th Test Wing, the Air Force Research Laboratory, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and 49 associate units. A TRICARE Service Center is co-located within the Edwards Family Health Clinic on the 2nd floor, Building 5525.

The 412th Medical Group Paramedic Ambulance Services is available 24/7 for life-saving response capability by dialing 911 or (661) 277-4541 from a cellular phone. The paramedics respond to all on-base 911 calls and provide on-scene and in-transit advanced life support. The service provides emergency transportation to local community hospitals. The Dental Clinic provides comprehensive dental care services for active duty members, including periodic dental examinations, restorative dental cleaning and oral surgery. Although family members are not authorized for routine dental care at the clinic, emergency treatment is available.

The Flight Surgeon's Office provides medical care for military members and Department of Defense civilians on flying or special operational duty status, as well as their family members. The Flight Surgeon's Office also serves other active duty members, including those assigned to various flying squadrons and Air Force Test Center staff agencies, as well as their family members. The unit conducts specialty physicals for Army, Marine and Reserve service members, as well as occupational physicals for specific career fields, and provides support for NASA shuttle operations. The Optometry Clinic is located at Aerospace Medicine facility (Bldg 3925) and is able to offer a full range of optometric services to enrolled beneficiaries.

Afterhours care information:

Emergency Care

Antelope Valley Hospital
1600 West Avenue J
Lancaster, CA 93534

Palmdale Regional Medical Center
38600 Medical Center Drive
Palmdale, CA 93551

Urgent Care (Authorization Required)

Antelope Valley Urgent Care
41210 11th St. West
Palmdale, CA 93551
0800-1900, Mon-Thur
0800-1800, Fri
0900-1700, Sat
Closed Sun

High Desert Urgent Care
43839 15th St. West
Lancaster, CA 93534
Open 24 Hours
7 Days/Week

Sierra Urgent Care
39115 Trade Center Dr.
Palmdale, CA 93551
Hours 0800 - 2100
7 Days/Week

Sierra Urgent Care
44469 10th St. West
Lancaster, CA 93534
0800-2000, Mon-Fri
0900-1700, Sat/Sun