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412th Test Wing Chaplain Service

The 412 TW/HC serves to provide intentional and actionable spiritual leadership, guidance, and support for the Edwards community. We have two conveniently located Chapels – Chapel 1 is located by the base theater and dorms; Chapel 2 is located by the CDC and family housing.

Point of Contact & Hours

Administrative Office (M-F, 0730 – 1630): 661-277-2110

Duty Chaplain (emergency/after hours): 661-277-3040



Instagram: edwardsafbchapel

*Please follow us on social media for the latest information

Confidential Counseling

Our Chaplains are available to provide confidential counseling to all of our Active Duty members and their family members, regardless of religious or spiritual views.  Appointments are encouraged but we do accept walk-in appointments during duty hours.  To make an appointment to speak with a Chaplain, please call 661-277-2110.  For emergencies or requests after-hours, please call the Command Post to speak with the on-call Chaplain at: 661-277-3040.

Catholic Worship

Sunday Mass – 0900, Chapel 2

Sunday Evening Mass – 1630, Chapel 1

Confession – 1530 – 1615, Chapel 1

 Daily Mass: Monday & Tuesday, 1130 – Chapel 1

Daily Mass: Wednesday & Thursday, 1130 – Chapel 2


Sunday – 0800 – 0845, Chapel 2 (before mass)

Sunday Evening - 1530 – 1615, Chapel 1 (before mass)

 Daily Confessions upon request - 0830 – 1030, 1330 – 1500 (M-T), Chapel 2 rm 40

Contact Father Juan at:

Additional Catholic Services

  • RCIA
  • Baptism and Baptism Classes
  • Men’s Group
  • Women’s Group
  • Youth Programs

Contact Ms. Lynette Warfield at:

Protestant Worship

Sunday Contemporary Worship – 1000, Chapel 1

*Contact Ms Janet Till (661-860-8156) for any questions/concerns or to volunteer

Additional Protestant Services

  • Life Groups

Contact Mr. “Jay” Dunham at:

  • Youth Programs

Contact Ms. Janet Till at:

Jewish Services

Chaplain Bram opens up his home for Jewish service on the second weekend of the month.  Please call the main office for more details/to sign up.

Other Faith Groups

The Chapel provides religious accommodation for all members and their families.  Please contact the Chapel office if you would like information about a group not mentioned and we will be happy to connect you to a local service. 

Additional Services We Provide

The Chapel offers a wide range of activities/events for families and individuals of all ages such as retreats, unit functions, leadership engagement, etc.  If you would like Chaplain support in any of these areas, please call the main office.