Mask Directive 20 July 2021

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ICD018 – Upgrade to HPCON B


  1. Edwards AFB & AF Plant 42 Counter-COVID Comprehensive Directive, 19 May 2021
  2. Secretary of Defense, Message to the Force, 9 August 2021
  3. SMARTS graphic from dearpandemic.org and impact4hc.com
  4. HPCON B poster
  5. Non Mission Essential Visitors Letter

This Installation Command Directive (ICD) upgrades Edwards Air Force Base and Plant 42 to HPCON B effective 2100 Pacific Time on 13 August 2021.  This ICD applies to all personnel on Edwards AFB and AF Plant 42.  The Edwards AFB & AF Plant 42 Counter-COVID Comprehensive Directive is still in effect.

As the base transitions to HPCON B, the following measures are effective:

  1. Base access is restricted IAW Ref (a), Paragraph 7.  Students at on-base schools and personnel transporting students to and from on-base schools are considered Mission Essential.
  1. IAW Ref (c), the followings SMARTS actions are directed:

SPACE: Physical separation is required for all persons in all locations.  Techniques which prevent loss of all mission capability in the event of an outbreak are recommended.

MASK: No change to previous policy issued via ICD017 REV1.

AIR: Limit gatherings as much as possible to outdoor or outdoor-like venues to maximize airflow.

RESTRICT: Facility owners are directed to institute appropriate HPCON B capacity limits in consultation with Public Health.

TIME: Minimize in-person contact time, including outdoors.

SHOTS: Active Duty members without COVID-19 vaccination can expect a maximum vaccination campaign immediately after it is mandatory IAW Ref (b).

  1. Units are directed to continue emphasizing telework consistent with the guidance above.  Given the increased health threat to the base, supervisors are encouraged to default to telework in situations that are feasible, even if this leads to some degradation to mission effectiveness.
  1. Facility owners shall post HPCON Bravo signage (Ref (d)) as appropriate.
  1. Leave and Pass policies and procedures for Active Duty and Civilians are not altered.
  1. Security Forces will take the following measures to implement Ref (a), Paragraph 7:

- 100% ID check of all personnel entering the installation (termination of Trusted Traveler program)

- Visitors will require a Non Mission Essential Visitors Letter (Ref (e)) signed by unit’s CC, CL, CCF, or equivalent. In the event of an emergency, the CC, CL, CCF, or equivalent can call the Visitor Control Center at 661-277-0611 (during duty hours 0700-1530 Monday-Friday) or the Base Defense Operations Center at 661-227-3343 to authorize visitors

- Delivery Drivers will be considered Mission Essential, allowed access in accordance with Installation Defense Plan, and do not require an escort.

- Medical appointments for retirees on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday will be relayed to the Visitor Control Center from the 412th Medical Group. Retirees who have medical appointments will be granted access based on the schedule provided by the 412th Medical Group.

- Any Entry Access List/Visitor Access Lists requests should be emailed to the VCC org box: 412SFS.S5.VCC@us.af.mil no later than 96 hours prior to ensure on time processing.

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COVID-19 Testing

Edwards AFB COVID-19 Testing Center
What:   Biofire PCR tests (results available 1-2 business days)
Where: Main MDG – please follow signs
When:  Every Weekday (MDG Duty Day)     
Who:    All AD/Beneficiaries (including infants) for all testing needs
      All DoD/NAF employees (symptomatic/mission essential testing)
How:    Drive-thru, No appointment needed
Bring:   Any documentation needed for travel/mission testing
Results obtained via MHS Genesis Patient Portal https://patientportal.mhsgenesis.health.mil
OFF BASE TESTING SITES (available after hours/weekends)
Local Pharmacies: Rite-Aid, Walgreens, CVS – check individual websites

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can veterans and retirees get the vaccine on base?
    • The COVID-19 vaccine is available to all Tricare beneficiaries and retirees that are eligible for vaccinations via the Military Treatment Facility (MTF).
    • Veterans may be able to get the vaccine through a local VA Health Center. For more info: https://www.va.gov/health-care/covid-19-vaccine/
    • Edwards is following the DoD Population schema.  We are currently in Tiers 1a to 1c.
    • If you are in the current tier, appointments (when available) can be scheduled through the Eventbrite link (a new link is sent out per allotment) or through the Vaccine Center at 661-277-7118, Option #1, and then Option #1. Appointments are subject to availability.
    • For most up to date information and current status, please visit the COVID-19 Vaccine page at https://www.edwards.af.mil/News/COVID-19-Updates/COVID-19-Vaccination/
  • Will the directives be updated to include information and limitations for vaccinated individuals?

POC: Lt Col Michelle Wueste, Public Health Emergency Officer

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