History of the Boom: Edwards AFB Air Show revisits the history of Supersonic Flight

  • Published
  • By Katherine Franco
  • 412th Test Wing Public Affairs

Edwards Air Force Base, has staged test flights for generations of the Air Force's most advanced aircraft. While it has been testing US military aircraft since the mid-1940s, the Bell XS-1's supersonic flight in the Mojave Desert made Edwards famous and paved the way for decades of flying experiments.

In 1944, researchers for the National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics (NACA) met with representatives of the Navy and Army to discuss breaking the sound barrier. At the time, the Army rejected the idea, but continued to advocate for such an effort.

On October 14, the sound barrier was officially broken, and the phenomenon known as the “sonic boom” was first experienced. The risky mission by the Bell X1 team to achieve supersonic flight proved Edward’s value for flight testing experimental aircraft. Using the unique airspace above and around the field, in less than 15 years, Air Force experimental aircraft would approach speeds of Mach 6 over Edwards.

Conditions suited for supersonic flight testing to break the sound barrier in 1947 still exist at Edwards today. This allows Edwards to be one of the only over-land areas aircraft can legally surpass speeds in excess of Mach 1, primarily due to the impact of sonic booms. For this reason, the R-2508 complex remains a critical asset in the skies above for the United States and its allies.

NASA, a key partner at Edwards, is currently working to reduce sonic booms to a ‘sonic thump’ with the X-59 aircraft. Anticipated to take flight in the near future, the research aircraft will eventually fly across the United States, with the data potentially paving a way forward for supersonic flight over land. Until that time arrives, Edwards will remain one of the only spots humans can experience the thunderous occurrence.

Thanks to the accomplishments of the Bell X1 team, modern fighter jets can easily reach supersonic speeds. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of supersonic flight, Edwards will host the 2022 Aerospace Valley Air Show & STEM Expo, Oct. 15-16. The weekend will kick-off with a closed ceremony dedicated to the future of supersonic flight, with several sonic booms planned throughout the weekend.

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