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AFMC empowers small businesses for Air Force reoptimization

  • Published
  • By Brian Dietrick
  • Air Force Materiel Command

DAYTON, Ohio – In a move to bolster America's defense capabilities amidst evolving global challenges, Air Force Materiel Command is collaborating with small businesses nationwide, informing them of the Air Force's strategic reoptimization efforts. AFMC hosted an Air Force Operational Imperatives and Reoptimizing for the Great Power Competition small business collider at the Wright Brothers Institute in Dayton, Ohio, May 23.

“It is important for small businesses, both locally and nationally, to understand the GPC re-optimization,” said Jeff Mellott, AFMC Small Business Programs director. “This information is foundational for any small business that wants to work with us.”

AFMC recognizes the pivotal role small businesses play in fostering innovation and agility and has launched a comprehensive outreach program. AFMC representatives are disseminating crucial insights about the Air Force's evolving needs and priorities through webinars, seminars, and direct engagements.

Small businesses, ranging from technology startups to specialized service providers, contribute directly to national security. By understanding the Air Force's reoptimization strategy, small businesses can tailor their solutions to address emerging challenges, fostering a more competitive and resilient defense ecosystem.

"The information provided by AFMC is invaluable," expressed Johnathan Diaz, who owns a small cybersecurity firm in Dayton. "It enables us to align our capabilities with the Air Force's priorities, enhancing our relevance and impact in the defense sector."

Innovation and agility are the cornerstones of national defense.

“Small businesses are known for providing engaged and responsive support,” Mellott said. “From supplying hard-to-source aircraft parts and repairs to providing professional services and infrastructure support, AFMC relies on small businesses to provide the innovation and speed necessary to respond to current and emerging mission needs quickly.”

By harnessing small businesses' agility, innovation, and expertise, AFMC is poised to stay at the forefront of global security challenges, ensuring a safer and more secure future for the nation.