Face coverings at the MPF, CAC/DEERS, ID cards, Commissary, BX and Shopette are mandatory!  All Civilian, Active Duty members and dependents are reminded to avoid visiting the Commissary, Base Exchange, Bldg 3000 and the Pharmacy on Wednesdays. Retirees are also being seen on Wednesdays at the CAC/DEERS office by appointment only.  Please call 661-277-4281 option 3, to make an appointment. Retirees may also utilize base facilities on Sundays.
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Job Openings At Edwards Air Force Base

Position Job Description Close Date Apply Link
Electrical Engineer NH-0855-02/03 This position is located in the 775th Test Squadron, 412th Test Engineering Group Edwards AFB Ca - C4ISR Engineering – developmental test engineering work in the communications, datalinks and cyber fields. 8/25/2019 https://afcs.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/ZQZikHGb4Mmta-JD9dnaGw
Electrical Engineer NH-0855-02/03 (Weapons) This position is located at 775th TS as a Weapons Integration Test Engineering – developmental test engineering of Air-to-Ground and Air-to-Air weapons on US Air Force Fighters and Bomber Aircraft. 8/26/2019 https://afcs.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/gbf1mlh-QAKdj5LsJhWzbw
Aircraft Propulsion Integration Test Engineer NH-0861/0830-02/03 This position is located at the 773rd TS Aircraft Propulsion Integration Test Engineer – developmental test engineering work in the areas of aircraft propulsion integration including analysis of component wind tunnel testing, thrust response, operability, controls, performance and starting. 8/26/2019 https://afcs.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/SzQ85QozyopAoRZz8iPIBQ
Performance and Flying Qualities Test Engineer (NH-0861/0830-02 Performance and Flying Qualities Test Engineer – developmental test engineering work in the areas of aircraft performance, flight controls, stability and control, flying qualities, autonomy and air data. This position is at the 773rd TS. 8/30/2019 https://afcs.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/7Jlbci2x1ENz_T8s8HgEww
Education & Training Specialist NH-1740-03/Tier 1 Negotiates Memorandam of Understanding (MOU) with colleges and universities to provide education programs up to and including masters degrees to meet the needs of Air Force civilian and military personnel and dependents. Confers with education professionals to exchange ideas on educational methods, new educational technology, and developments in teaching techniques. Develops presentations on Professional Military Education Status for Squadron, Group, and Wing commanders. 8/30/2019 https://afcs.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/v2rgSsHRya1oLAErBWLsUA
Supervisory Information Technology Specialist NH-2210-03 This positions is located at 412 Comm Squadron Evaluates, interprets and communicates EAFB technical requirements and IT guidance. Develops and maintains IT strategic and tactical plans and interacts with EAFB, AFMC and DoD strategic and tactical planning functions. 8/30/2019 https://afcs.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/uaR_36rLxARo9wov6oJ04Q
Information Techology (IT) Specialist NH-2210-III Tier 1 This position is located at the 412 RANS you will perform planning, design, technical deployment, testing, training, documentation and support for the 412th Range’s new cutting-edge Voice-over-IP communications system and high-speed telemetry data transport network. Implements cybersecurity/information assurance (IA) measures on Range voice communications and telemetry data transport network to maintain system Authority to Operate (ATO). Assists in the training of new Range Engineering personnel on Range data and communications systems. 8/30/2019 https://afcs.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/qqG5QkNCIskT5E6Oc7a8Yg
Electrical Engineer 775th TS C4ISR NH-0855-02/03 Interested in Communication, Tactical Data Link Systems, Cyber Security and Interoperability with the desire to advance the U.S. Air Force's superiority? We are looking for a full-time Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C4ISR) Engineers to work for the Air Force Materiel Command at Edwards AFB in California. 8/30/2019 https://afcs.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/9c1DZzSt8-6eVPUfVC8nzg
Airfield Management Shift Lead (NH-2150-02) To serve as an Airfield Management Specialist Shift Lead that evaluates the da-to-day arifield management operations. This position is located at the 412th Test Wing Operating Location Air Force Plant 42, Palmdale, Ca. 8/31/2019 https://afcs.recsolu.com/external/requisitions/QG0UJeAuqoRFN_fEqu-CDg

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