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At Edwards Air Force Base, the mission and the environment go hand-in-hand. The unique physical environment is what makes the desert such an ideal place for flight test activities. Helping the flight testers maintain access to air, land and water for testing and other operations, while not upsetting the delicate balance of the desert ecosystem, is the mission of the Environmental Management Directorate.
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Edwards Air Force Base Environmental Management System (EMS) Policy

To effectively accomplish its mission, Environmental Management (EM) has adopted an approach that provides expert services in all areas of environmental support. Appropriate personnel are consulted during the planning and implementation stages of all test programs and construction projects on Edwards.

Four main areas of environmental service and support are provided through the EM offices at Edwards. They include:

Cleanup: Manages hazardous waste cleanup efforts on Edwards AFB. Under the cleanup effort, hazardous waste sites are identified, investigated and cleaned up with the goal of protecting human health and the environment.

Conservation: Provides environmental assessments for test programs and construction projects. Also manages the protection and preservation of natural resources and cultural and historic sites on Edwards.

Pollution Prevention: Develops processes to minimize the use of hazardous material, minimize generation of hazardous waste, reduce solid waste going to the landfill and promote reuse and recycling programs.

Compliance: Manages air quality, water quality, hazardous waste, aboveground and underground storage tanks, and special programs (PCB, asbestos, and lead-based paint). Assists base organizations with the selection, design and installation of low emissions equipment, as well as applying for and maintaining permits. The goal of compliance is to meet and satisfy all applicable environmental laws, statutes and regulations.

Base environmental personnel from all four areas actively work with regulatory agencies and the community in a spirit of cooperation and commitment to ensure the center accomplishes its mission without harming the environment.

For all who conduct business on the base, EM provides assistance with project planning to ensure compliance with environmental law, reduce hazardous waste generation and ensure proper disposal of pollutants.

By working together and doing the job right every day, Edwards will continue to comply with environmental law, preserve the natural environment and accomplish the Air Force Flight Test Center's mission.
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The Restoration Advisory Board is the primary voice of the public and base workers in the Environmental Restoration Program. This group of volunteers acts as an information conduit between outside and base communities and the officials responsible for investigating and remediating environmental contamination at Edwards Air Force Base.

Board members represent communities and work areas from both on- and off-base at quarterly meetings. At the meetings, members review current investigations and remedial efforts, as well as, learn about proposed plans for future remedial efforts. However, their most important task is bringing public concerns to the Air Force. Those with concerns may contact any member with a question or issue.
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Published data and documents relating to the Environmental Restoration Program are available for public review.

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